Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Disney on Ice!!

For the past few years when Disney on Ice comes into town I just keep quiet...... well, avoid it like the plague and pray they don't see the commercial and ask to go. I didn't want to spend that money on something they may not sit through or even remember in a few months. Well, after hearing my Bunko girlfriends say how much their kids loved it and that it was worth the $15 tickets, I decided we'd give it a try this year. Luckily I purchased the tickets just a few days before the actual show because every morning they'd ask, "Is today Disney on Ice?" They were beyond excited! And once we got there, way too excited to look at mom's camera for a decent pic of them together. And I forgot to have someone take a family picture. =(
They were each allowed to pick out one extremely overpriced treat. Ruby chose a light-up tiara and Trip a light-up Buzz sword. I was just glad they didn't beg for the $10 cotton candy.
I guess it was worth the price for a fun family night out. Ruby was absolutely mesmerized by everything. Trip seemed to enjoy it too though he just sat and stared, unlike Ruby who danced and sang along. I can't imagine the excitement that we'll witness when we actually go to Disney World! Can't wait!