Monday, October 26, 2009

Mud Run 5K

My good friend, Eleanor Burress, heard that I was trying to do more running (to keep up w/ Rexy) and asked me to do the Mud Run with her this past Saturday. It's just a silly event hosted every October by Little Rock Parks & Recreation. The majority of the race is a normal 5K (aside from the costumes) but the last 300 ft. is a mud pit.
Friday night we whipped together some matching tutus (and made good use of the tulle leftover from Ruby's birthday party)

Rex and the kids watched from the sidelines and he got some great pics. Rex wants to join in on the fun next year and says we won't leave looking so clean. I did manage to salvage everthing including the tutu.
El and I are planning to run our next 5K here in Maumelle on Nov. 14- The Great Gobbler and possibly a 10K in coming up in Hot Springs.
Thanks for the invite, Eleanor! It was a blast!