Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Branson, September 2009

On Sept. 18th we went to Branson, MO for a much needed family weekend getaway. The overall theme of the weekend, aside from the cold and rain, seemed to be one very brave little 4 year old. Ruby wanted to ride and experience everything. We had to come up with a plan B for Saturday since the rain canceled our plans for Silver Dollar City that day. We went on and did some shopping at the oulet malls and checked out the Butterfly Palace and the Dinosaur Museum. Above, we're sporting 3D glasses for the video on the lifecycle of the butterfly at the beginning of the tour.
The kids were provided with cool safari hats, binoculars, and magnifying glasses to use as they explored the "rainforest."

Ruby has always liked butterflies but the trip to this place just seeemed to seal the deal. Her favorite souvenir from our trip is the brochure from the Butterfly Palace which has a diagram of many types of butterfly species which she still frequently looks at. She is also going to be a butterfly for Halloween.
They also had a few exhibits of tropical reptiles and amphibians.
The onto the Dinosaur Museum. At this point the kids were getting a little worn out but it was something to do to take up a rainy day.

We stayed at the Castle Rock Resort and Waterpark which I definitely think we'd stay at again. The indoor waterpark which connects right to the hotel was a blast and it was nice that the kids had their own separate little room with bunk beds and a TV.

Sunday, it was still overcast and a little drizzly but we went on and headed to Silver Dollar City (with the kids new raincoats in tow that I picked up the day before at the Carter's outlet). We rode the train as soon as we got there.

Rex isn't too keen on rides so I did enough for the both of us (ok-I actually really enjoyed it) since the kids aren't tall enough to ride on their own.
The huge "foam ball palace" was really cool. It's several stories high of all kinds of activites to do with thousands of foam balls. R&T loved it! I'd hate to be the guy cleaning that place up every night.

In the pic above, Ruby and I are in the swing behind the lampost.

And we ended the day with some rock candy from the old-fashioned candy store. Fun times!


Daisy said...

looks like everyone had loads of fun and the kids got some'education' also.