Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day with the Day's

Today, Somer, Vivian, and Bauer came over to play and we had a great time. The girls seem to be phasing out of the "mine" stage (knock on wood) and really played well together. They had a blast riding doubles on the roller coaster. Below, Somer and I got a good laugh when Trip walked into the living room with a big trail of toilet paper that he drug (dragged??) all the way from the hall bathroom. Bauer and Trip were also starting to pay more attention to each other. Trip kept pointing to him and saying "baby." Bauer is now 8 months old and crawling so he and Trip will be running around together soon. Thanks for a fun day, Days!............. and also for wearing both of my kids out. They're both taking a nap. =)


Mittig family said...

Wow, you are quite the little blog mama lately! Where'd your music go? I always like the songs I get. Your kids are getting so big-Trip is just precious with that blonde hair! Also, I LOVE the one of pedis on the porch from another post-I can't wait for Maggie to be able to do some of that stuff (but I wish she'd stay a baby forever on the other hand!) Have y'all thought about coming down to the American Girl in Dallas?