Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School 2011

Back to school was extra exciting this year with a new school and Ruby starting kindergarten! Trip is starting 4K.
 Where has my baby girl gone?! If you don't remember, she was born yesterday! How can this be?
 And Mr. T was looking especially dapper for his 1st day.
 Trip with his gem of a teacher and his new biggest fan, Mrs. Holmes. She says "he's soooo sweet I just want to eat him with a spoon for breakfast!" We were thrilled when we met Mrs. Holmes and realized she was a familiar face. Her daughter and Ruby were in the same dance class when they were 4.
 Ruby gets settled in her class on her first day of kindergarten and Mrs. Williams starts a story, probably to signal to all us clinging parents "it's now time for you to leave!"

 At pick-up they were both sporting huge smiles and couldn't wait to tell me all about their day!

 Ruby got a what-a-big-girl-you-are surprise for her 1st day of kindergarten, new poodle pj's for her and Annie.
 Kindergarten, Day 2: Ruby finds a book in the hall before time to go to her classroom.

Kindergarten, Day 4: Ruby walks herself into school for the first time. She's dress code appropriate in her socks. At Little Rock Christian, socks with TOMS are the cool thing since that's the rule. So don't clown on us! ;)
I had to include this picture of Ms. Ru at orientation the weekend before school started. She looks soooo grown up- like she's going into 3rd grade, not kindergarten! Maybe I should just stop feeding her ;).......... Congratulations Ruby and Trip on a great first week of school! We are so proud of you!