Thursday, July 8, 2010

A "Toy Story 3" Birthday

On June 25th we had a birthday party for Ruby a couple of weeks early so that we could see Toy Story 3 at The Rave Theatre soon after it's release.
Whoa! That hat makes Ruby look extra tall.
We were joined by the Days (Vivian and Bauer) and several Maumelle neighborhood friends: Abigail & Tyler Simpson, Malia & Grant Bugg, Danny & Drew Mayer, Gavin Brzezinski, & Lilly Crandall.
The Maumelle Kroger Bakery did a great job on the cake!
The 5th candle is hiding behind Jessie- yes 5 candles! I can't believe it! Thank you friends for helping us celebrate! Ruby had a wonderful time!