Monday, May 4, 2009


We had the privilege this week to have our dear friend James stay over on Wednesday night and he was soooo good and easy. For dinner I let the kids assemble their own pizzas. I had hoped that they would want to make the most out of getting to decorate the pizza and add some toppings other than cheese and pepperoni. Only James would humor me by adding some veggies. Way to load up on mushrooms, James!

Trip did put 1 lonely little mushroom on his pizza but that was only because James had mushrooms on his.

Later in the evening the boys got into Trip's chest of drawers and played dress-up. Trippy was onto something with this look- it would be a great way to control his current runny nose.
James decided to take Trip's swim trunks for a spin.

And then it was time for bathtime in the "big tub." What a fun day! BJ & Carina, thanks for letting us borrow James. It was a pleasure!!


Museum of Discovery Director of Marketing said...

Thanks for visiting the Museum of Discovery!

Museum of Discovery Director of Marketing said...

P.S. we have a blog, too, authored by one of our members who is also a mommy! If you would ever like to submit a blurb about your experience at the Museum, we'd welcome it!

mkburcham said...

You are such a fun and creative mommy--I love it! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Your kiddos are so cute too--love and miss ya!

CathyBB said...

Stephanie, Somer forwarded your email to me today about the blinds... you poor thing! I'm so sorry you had to go through that, but I'm also so grateful that you were able to act fast and save that sweet girl!

It's also wonderful of you to share your story - I've sent it on to all of my mom-friends so they can double-check their homes!