Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Concussion & a Sleepover

A long story in a nutshell: Ruby fell out of her booster and hit her head on the tile floor.... immediately acted really dazed and confused, wouldn't talk, fell asleep in the middle of the living room floor, then threw up. The after hours clinic told us to bring her in so Trip went to the Day's for the night while we hung out in the ER. 4 hrs. after the fall she was still nauseated and dry-heaving so they went on an did a CT which looked fine, thank God!..... but Trip had fun with Bauer and Vivian. Thanks a bundle, Somer & Clif! You are true friends..... snif, snif, teardrop, teardrop. =)................ the following is totally plagiarized from Som's blog.

hey trip, check this out man. this is swiper.
""cool man!"
"yeah, i know...but he will totally take your waffle. so watch out."
"ummmm bauer, are we allowed to eat breakfast on the stairs?"
"sure, trippers....i do it ALL the time!"