Friday, October 10, 2008

Giddy Up!

This morning several of the moms and their kids from my MOPS Bible study went out to Stephanie Newcomb's mother's ranch to ride Redneck the pony. I have to admit that I quickly became aware of my lack of basic equastrian knowledge (sorry mom!). I thought that a horse being a "pony" meant that it was a small, young horse- except for those Shetland ponies that are always small. I was surprised to learn that Redneck was actually 12 years old. Ruby and Trip LOVED riding the pony around and watching the other horses. Trip who is usually Mr. Smiley was one serious cowboy today! Though he was having a blast, this was the biggest smile I could get out of him while he was on the horse. Thanks so much for a fun time, Stephanie and Ms. Jennifer!