Sunday, April 13, 2008


After getting inspiration from an old friend whose blog I just discovered, I realized that Ruby was old enough to play some games. This past week I purchased the old classic "Cootie" which was one of the first games I played and Ruby kicked my tail! She had her Cootie put together before mine even had any legs. I did bend the rules a little bit for her though. I explaind to her that she had to roll a 1 first so that she could get her Cootie body. After several rolls and no 1 she picked up the dice, laid it down with the 1 facing up and said, "Yea! I got a 1!"Also, her first time to roll the dice was funny. She pitched it across the living room and then ran across the room to see what she rolled. Now that I think about it, that would be a way to incorporate some exercise into the game. Anyway, I'm thrilled to now have a fellow lover of board games in the family!


amber said...

Grant's loving board games these days too. Hi-Ho Cheerio is his fav. right now but he also loves Candy Land. We'll have to give Cootie a try!