Sunday, March 30, 2008

At the zoo with Olivia

This past Monday our good friend, Olivia Watts, hung out with us for the day since she was on spring break. The weather was great so we decided to go to the zoo........... I love seeing this hog sculpture when we're at the Little Rock Zoo because it reminds me of the summer in college that I spent in Florence, Italy. There is a very similar bronze hog in a street market in Florence. You are supposed to rub the hog's nose for good luck.

It was everyone's first time to ride the newly restored carousel........ as you can see Ruby is wearing her "leash." I knew with Olivia being there Ruby would want to walk too. Olivia kept up with Ruby and I pushed Trip in the stroller.

Thanks for a fun day Olivia!!


Amanda said...

Love the new pictures. When I saw the pic of the Hog it brought me a warm feeling and many memories! Wow that was a long time ago! What a great summer.